Play a Piano in your Subway

I was walking through the subway the other day when I heard music. This in itself is not an unusual thing; plenty of buskers inhabit the hubs of the NYC subway, strumming their instruments to earn a buck. But there was something different about this music. This was not the music of a mellow guitar, a high-strung drumset, or even a small brass section or barbershop quartet.

This was full-blown piano music.

Lo and behold, some dude had brought a piano into the subway station. (The particular station has ramps and elevators, but let’s not that belittle the achievement).

This is the kind of thing I like to see in NYC. It brings home the knowledge that because of the size of this city, people can engage in spontaneous acts of madcap creativity.

Like bringing their pianos into the subway.

I’m not going to suggest a cheesy metaphor – “What Color is your Piano-chute?” or somesuch, but it brought a smile to my face to see this piano again today when I walked through the subway, and realize that, for the moment, one of the stations I frequent has a resident piano player. 🙂

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