Theater Review: Gay Zombie @ the Ace of Clubs #nyc #theater

Like your rock’n’roll Zombies a little…fruity? Then GAY ZOMBIE might be the Halloween show for you – too bad you already missed the one-night-only event in NoHo. The ninety-minute spectacle relies on the charisma of its narrator, the Zombie Tom, as he power-ballads his way through a hideous transformation into a member of the living dead, a move to the great big city, and a love affair with a dishy mortician.  Trim some of the fat around the edges of the cover songs and rely on a few more drunks in the audience (like the woman who head-banged her way through entire production, wildly waving her arms in the air ‘cause she just didn’t care whether she hit anybody near her in the head), and with some tweaking GAY ZOMBIE could turn into a late-night cult spectacular. Tom really is the heart and soul (brains?) of the operation, ebullient with his falsetto and his bitch-please cracks, but in his desire to appeal the actor allows his character to lose a bit of bite; the highlight of the production is a cover of Nine Inch Nail’s “Closer,” complete with blow-up doll boyfriend. A thin plot, but a good time.

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