Maybe I Should Write For Reality Television.

So tonight we met Chelsea Oaks and Rob Bowen, a couple who had split up – and who both had great voices. The moment they were both accepted, I thought:

That was savvy.

The show now has a full-season’s worth of storyline, and while Chelsea is actually in a new relationship, everybody is already rooting for her and Rob to get back together. What’s more, they can actually sing – so for the first few weeks at least, they’re going to be safe as weaker performers are weeded out.

The dramatist in me has to think, that’s a brilliant storyline, but make it a step more interesting – say the young lady in question had thought of this ahead of time. Say she realized that couples failed to make it far in the competition, and set up a situation where there was a clear reason for the show’s judges and fans to root for both members of the couple?

My next idea, well, FOX has plenty of dramatists working for them…why wouldn’t they come up with the idea themselves? After all, at some point in American Idol’s 2011 season, people would start getting competitive enough to be voting for both competitiors (cha-ching!) – and if they wind up getting to the top two spots, that’s two high-selling solo careers plus the potential – if the romance goes according to J. Lo’s prediction that “they’re going to get back together” – for a blockbuster couples’ act, too.

Hrm. Maybe I should write for reality TV. Anybody got a connection?

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