Works Available for World Premiere:

The Forever Dream of Loren Tardee. Full-length, supernatural/absurdist morality tale. Runtime est. 1h15min. Cast of 6 (can be staged with 4). 3 male, 3 female.

This Foreign Land. Full-length, international ensemble drama. Runtime est. 2h. Cast of 6. 4 male, 2 female.

Bridge Play. Full-length, coming-of-age drama. Runtime est. 1h20m. Cast of 4. 2 male, 2 female. Ages 17-22.


Celebrity: The Meltdown Monologues Docu-dramady. Open-source funding and development process. Join the project at our blog.

Previously produced:

1999Post. One-act play, drama. Winner, “The Write To Be Heard” Young Writers competition. World premiere, Buffalo Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts, Williamsville South High School, and the Alleyway Theater, Buffalo, New York. (Dir: Margo Davis). Runtime: 20-30 min. Cast of 9. Genders flexible. Mature themes (violence).

2004Playing It Cool. One-act play, romantic comedy. World Premiere at the Pend (The Gateway Theater), Edinburgh, Scotland. Supported by the State University of New York at Buffalo and the Alleyway Theater. (Dir: Joyce Stilson.) Runtime: 45 min. Cast of 2. 1 male, 1 female.

2005Green Beer & Bagels. One-act play, mythic comedy. World Premiere at The Alleyway Theatre. (Dir. Joyce Stilson). Runtime: 5 min. Cast of 2, both female.

2005: Stuck Up A Tree. One-act play, children’s theater. World premiere, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh (Dir. Emma Taylor) Runtime: 1h15m. Staged with cast of 5; over 20 distinct speaking roles.

2007Mousewings. One-act play, post-apocalyptic urban fairytale. World Premiere, the Bedlam Theatre. (Dir. Emma Taylor) Runtime: 1hr. Cast of 4. 2 male, 2 female.

Theater companies and individuals interested in learning more about the above plays may contact the writer by email for additional information. 

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