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How To Lose 1.5 Pounds in 1 Day in NYC

Wake up, go to the gym. Find the gym is closed because it’s too early on a Sunday morning. Walk to the other gym and do cardio for half an hour. Continue reading

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Year 2 Start – Low Sodium Living in NYC

Three years and over sixty pounds ago, I rocked up to New York City on the chilly, bright morning of January 14th. Over the course of the next three years I got a trainer, learned how to work out, and started my first successful campaign against an unhealthy body – my own Battle of the Bulge… Continue reading

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Cookin’ up some low sodium wasabi salmon burgers…

Now that we’re nearing the end of the year, I’m once again taking stock of how things are going with my low sodium diet. I’m trying to branch out into tasty items that I can enjoy and still feel like I’m treating myself… Continue reading

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Eight Months Down The Low Sodium Line #lowsodium

As the first eight months of my low sodium lifestyle draw to a close, progress has been made – but there’s still plenty of distance to cover. A few weeks ago, my doctor agreed that I’d made enough progress that the medication I’d been taking on a daily basis could be retired from my daily schedule. Now what? Sometimes following the same routine – the careful regimen that I established in support of all those healthy habits – becomes difficult or impossible, because the demands of life take over. What I’m trying to do now is search for new, innovative ways to make sticking with my healthier habits fit my lifestyle. Continue reading

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Healthy No Salt Added Nacho Recipe #cooking #sodium

Trader Joe’s no-salt tortilla chips – taste like the ones you get in mexican restaurants, but without the salt (dur).
Organic New Zealand cheddar I picked up at TJ’s the other day.
Some Tesco’s mozzarella from my roommate
An assortment of onions and peppers, chopped up
Some lime juice
Continue reading

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Training Your Willpower?

When people had seven digits to remember, instead of two, they were more likely to choose cake over salad in an experiment recounted in an NPR article. Continue reading

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Four Myths About a Low-Sodium Diet

Since I’ve started trying to eat a low sodium diet (January 2010), I’ve encountered some of the same complications I’m sure every new dieter encounters around social situations. For me, one of the more exhausting things is fending off the suggestions and recommendations people make when they’re trying to be helpful, but actually have no idea how sodium works. So I’d like to dispel a few myths. Continue reading

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