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THEATER REVIEW: “40 Weeks” at the New York Theatre Workshop

40 WEEKS is a rom-com about a relationship during pregnancy. Fair enough, and maybe those who’ve tried the “giving birth” thing will take more away from this production than I did. Maybe sympathizing with two Millenial Yuppies would be easier if I’d felt the same lack of surety in a relationship with a kid on the way. But isn’t one point of drama to make the specific universal, and open up new experiences to those who haven’t had them? Instead, we watch the tired cliché of boingourgeois-marries-bohemian as the couple winds through the inevitable arguments that follow. Who will pay for the baby? Who will paint the baby’s room? Will Mark get his book published, or at least make a sale on the subway? And why should the audience care about these feckless whiners? Angie’s unhappy, Mark’s unhappy, and the only two who seem to be pleased with where they are with their partner are Scott and Molly.
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THEATER REVIEW: The Body Politic at 59E59 #nyc #theater

What a fantastic little fable about American politics. In THE BODY POLITIC, writers Richard Abrons and Margarett Perry (the latter of whom also directs this production) have crafted a whip-cracker of a tale about a Republican who falls for a Democrat on the campaign trail. As their relationship – and the campaign – progresses, the young party-liners find themselves negotiating and renegotiating their plans to win the presidency for their candidates. Continue reading

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